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Renovate and Renew,
Not demolish and destroy.

Keep History in tactThe mission

This county-owned historic property is under demolition threat.

Hubbard House is located on Winnemucca’s historic Bridge Street corridor. 

The corridor was once a vital connection between rail transport and the city’s commerce center.

The 108-year-old building is an architectural anchor with myriad repurposing options. 

Save this house from becoming another parking lot or vacant lot.

Conceptual rendering

Hubbard House Before cropped Hubbard After

Renovate & Renewconcept

Tax incentive programs support projects large and small throughout the country, encouraging business owners to reuse important historic places and make them relevant for a new generation.

Property Overview

Potential Uses After Renovation

Potential Uses After County Demolition

Public Ideas & Comments

Tell us your repurposing ideas for renewing Hubbard House.

No more Asphalt Build purpose.
not parking.

Winnemucca doesn’t need more parking or vacant lots.

It needs more purpose.

Restoring and maintaining historic significance adds intrinsic value and beauty to the community.

Parking Lots within a 4 block radius
Historic buildings that have been demolished 1967
Historic buildings turned into parking lots
Historic buildings that are currently vacant

Asphalt lots near Hubbard House

grants & IncentivesFunding Sources

Created by the Tax Reform Act of 1976, Historic Preservation Tax Credits provide a financial incentive for owners of income-producing historic resources to rehabilitate their properties.

In addition to federal tax incentives, there are grants available from the Nevada State Preservation Office to preserve Nevada’s Heritage.

“Historic preservation is a valuable component of any community’s economic redevelopment strategy.”

Share your ideas and opinions about preserving our historic legacy.

Rebuild and restore. 

keep history alive

Stay Informed & Get Involved

More than 40 residents have joined as volunteers. Get involved and share your vision.